Can I import data to Zeffy?

To import your information, you'll need to create an excel spreadsheet with the information below. We have provided templates with the right format.

We have 2 types of imports: contact imports and transaction imports. Once everything is in the right format, you can then email the sheet to along with your account email address. 

Contact Import

A contact import is when you only want to import your contact's information like first name, last name, email address, address, etc. 

👉 Use this template:

  • The list of your imported donors will appear in the section "Contacts" of your dashboard, which will allow you to track donor activity and history. Please be sure to use the template above, as it is extremely important that it is formatted correctly. 

⚠️ Important information for contacts import:

  • The first name and last name (first Name, last Name) are required. If cells are empty, the line won't be imported.
  • If you do not have other non-required information, simply leave the cells empty. 
  • If the information about language is not specified, it will be set to EN as default.
  • It is not possible to add columns to the template. Any custom-added columns will not be imported.



Transaction Import

A transaction import is when you want to import your donor data as well as donation/purchase information. 

👉 Use this template:

  • Import a list of your transactions (donations or tickets) to Zeffy which will allow you to track all transaction history on your Zeffy dashboard.
  • If you import a list of donations, this data will be added to the sections "Donations" > "My Donations" of your Zeffy dashboard.
  • If you import a list of tickets (events, memberships, e-commerce, etc...), this data will be added to the section "Tickets" > "My Sales" of your Zeffy dashboard.
  • An imported transaction will create a contact that will be added to the "Contacts" section of your Zeffy dashboard. If a contact already exists in your Zeffy database with the same email as provided for the transaction import, there will be no duplicate and the transaction will be associated with the already existing contact.

⚠️ Important information about transaction import:

  • Transactions are merged to existing contacts via the email address, all transactions without an associated email will create a new contact
  • The columns [firstName, lastName, amount, address, city, postalCode, country, type and   formTitle] are all mandatory fields. They are colored in green on the import template and cannot be left blank. You may enter a "Default Address" if you do not have this information.
  • 'type' can be either donation or ticket, depending on the transaction
  • formTitle is the reference name for your Transaction Import. Example: "Donations 2020" or "Virtual Gala 2020". You may call it "Import form" if the transaction is not associated with any form.
  • rateTitle** is only required if the type of the transaction is ticket:  this is the reference name of your Ticket Transaction. Example: "Single Ticket Virtual Gala 2020" or "Family Ticket Virtual Gala 2020".
  • If you have additional information on donors (phone number, birth date, spouse name...), you can include it as a note.

  • Once imported, you will be able to filter by contact name, transaction amount, postal code or city, formTitle, and all donations or all tickets.
  • If you want to link a donor to a past event or donation campaign, but do not know how much they contributed: you can enter a transaction at 0$ and specify the Event or Donation in "formTitle".
  • If you know when your donor gave a last contribution, but do not know how much they contributed: you can enter a transaction at 0$ and specify the date. You will be able to see this contact when you search past donors using the filter "last transaction date" in the section "Contacts" of your Zeffy dashboard.