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Which form should I choose?

We offer many types of forms to answer every non-profits fundraising needs. Find out which form type is best suited to your fundraiser.

Event Form

Learn how to set up an event form here

Ticketing forms are extremely versatile! Choose a ticketing form if you wish to accomplish the following actions: 

  • Sell tickets to an event 
  • Collect registrations for classes, webinars, courses, etc.
  • Share volunteering opportunities and accept registrations. See how here.
  • Collect contact information (e.g. newsletter sign up - see an example here
  • Collect donations for specifically priced items (see an example of this here)
  • Sell sponsorship packages 
Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 1.52.10 PM

Donation Form

Learn how to set up a donation form here

A classic donation form is an essential for nonprofits. It should be present on your website to collect donations all year round. This form is typically used for evergreen, general donation campaigns that don't have a specific fundraising target. 

With donation forms you can...

  • Accept one-time, monthly or annual donations 
  • Collect monthly membership payments or dues
  • To accept sponsorship payments 

Here's an example of what a donation form looks like.

Donation Campaign Form

Learn how to set up a donation campaign here

Add a fundraising target while creating your donation form to make it a donation campaign. This form type allows you to share your fundraising progress on a thermometer and has a public donor list available. 

Use a donation campaign to...

  • Share your fundraising target and list of donors 
  • Launch a short term fundraiser such as a holiday drive, GivingTuesday campaign, etc. 
  • Fundraise for a specific person, cause or project

Here's an example of what a campaign donation form looks like.

Note: Once you create a donation form without a campaign target, you cannot add one retroactively. Similarly, if you create a donation campaign, you cannot remove the thermometer or the donor board after creating the form. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 1.54.42 PM

Peer-to-Peer Form 

Learn how to set up a peer-to-peer campaign here

Peer-to-peer campaigns are great for making the most of your donor networks and increase your fundraising outreach initiatives. Get teams and individuals involved in your campaign by allowing them to create their own fundraising page to support your campaign! 

Note: If you create a peer-to-peer form with a registration process, an event form will be created simultaneously to track registrations. You can edit this form in your My forms section after creating your P2P campaign form. 

Raffle Form

Learn how to set up a raffle form here or watch our raffle video tutorial

Use a raffle form to organize an online raffle. You'll be able to personalize your ticket options, rates, and quantities, collect custom participant information, and much more. Before you begin, make sure that your raffle draw meets the rules issued by the Gaming Authority of your province or state. In some provinces or states, you may need to obtain a license for your lottery.

Here are some examples of how other users use our raffle forms:

Note: The process of selecting a raffle winner will not be done on Zeffy. Zeffy does not provide a license or any paperwork requested by Gaming Authorities (GA). Please make sure your raffle complies with the rules of your state/province's GA.

Online Store Form 

Learn how to create your online store here.

 Our online store forms provide a solution for you to sell merchandise and items for free. You can add pictures, prices and descriptions for each of your items and keep track of your inventory and sales directly in the platform.

You can also use our online store forms to offer sponsorship packages. 

Here are some examples of how other users use our online store forms: 

Membership Form

Learn how to set up a membership form here.

Use Zeffy to collect payments for memberships! You can ask your members questions on the form, issue membership cards and track their membership expiry date in the platform. Your members can also benefit from an automatic renewal feature so they don't have to worry about signing up every year. 

Custom Sales Form

If none of the above solutions seem to fit your needs, you can use our custom sales form! 

You can add photos, sell tickets, accept additional donations on the form, add custom questions, send out reminders, and more. 

Check out an example of a custom sales form here: 2023 Choirs by Candlelight