Creating and configuring an auction page on Zeffy (beta)

To note: This feature is still in Beta, we are gathering feedback to optimize the experience for you and your donors. Stay tuned for updates.

Zeffy's auction form. 

With our auction forms, your supporters can effortlessly place bids on one or multiple auction items. Each bid is instantly recorded and displayed on your dashboard, allowing you to track your bids in real time.

Users don't have to sign up or sign in to make their bid, all they need is their contact and payment information. 

Once your auction close date & time passes and the auction concludes, winning bids are automatically processed for payment, with the transactions appearing in your dashboard. You won't have to run after your bidders – they will be charged automatically if they win.

The winning bidder will automatically receive a confirmation of their win and a receipt via email. You can customize the email they receive beforehand.

All bidders who did not win the item(s) they bid on will receive a personalized email as well, thanking them for their participation. This is a great opportunity to re-engage your supporters and invite them to donate to your organization, even if they didn't win. 

Just like the rest of our platform, our auction tool is 100% free. We even cover credit card fees meaning you will keep every single dollar that you raise.

Other Features offered by our silent auction forms

  • 📅 Set an automatic start and end date for your auction. Bids will open at the pre-configured open date and bids will close once your close date passes.
  • 🖼️ Add multiple items with associated images
  • 📍 Set a pick-up location so that your supporters automatically know where their items can be picked up (if applicable)
  • 💰 Set a starting bid. This is the minimum amount that can be bid by participants.
  • ➕ Set a minimum bid increment. This is the smallest amount by which a bid must increase in order to be accepted. 
  • ❓Ask your supporters custom questions to collect additional information during their bidding process.
  • 📧 Customize the emails sent to your winners as well as supporters that did not win any items.
  • 🔔 Configure and automate a reminder email to remind your supports to place their final bids
  • ➡️ Coming soon:
    • Having the option for bidders to pay in cash
    • Automatic email notifications to bidders when they are outbid

Create your auction:

  • Log into your Zeffy dashboard on a computer. 
  • Click on "My Forms" in the menu bar on the left. 
  • Click on "+ New form" and select the Auction option. 

Describe your auction and set an open and end date

  • On this same page, add the name of your auction form, choose your language, and add a description.

  • At the bottom of the page, set start and end date of your auction. Your form will automatically open for bids on the start date and time. Once the end date and time pass, your form will no longer accept bids. 
  • Payments for the winning bid(s) for each item will automatically be processed at the auction end date and time.

  • You'll also be able to add a pickup location (if applicable). 

  • Click on "Next" in the top right once you're happy with this.

Add your Items

  • On the second page, you'll be able to add the different items being auctioned off. 
  • You'll be able to name the item, define the starting bid, and define the minimum bid increment. 
    • The starting bid is the price at which bidding will start. No supporter will be able to bid below the starting bid.
    • The minimum bid increment is the smallest amount by which a bid must increase in order to be accepted. If left blank, the minimum increment will be 1$.
  • You can add as many items as you want by clicking "+ Add another item type" in the bottom right.

❓Ask your supporters custom questions:
  • In the custom questions section, you have the option to ask two types of questions.
    • Questions for the bidder will be asked once per purchase. 

    • Questions per bid item will be asked for each item that is being bid on. If a supporter bids on three items, for example, they will be asked this question three times.

  • You'll also be able to specify if your question is required (meaning a bid cannot be placed without answering it) or if the question should only be asked for specific items:

  • Click on "Next" in the top right of this page once you're done adding your items and questions.
Customize the look of your auction form
  • In the third step of your auction form, you can change the color of your form, you can add your logo (1:1 ratio recommended), and add a form banner (16:9 ratio recommended).

  • Further down, edit the thank you emails. You will be asked to configure two different types of emails: 
  • 1) Winner thank you email - this is the email sent to the winning bidder after the auction has closed. This email will also include their receipt(s) for their purchase(s).

  • 2) Regular thank you email - this is the email sent to the bidders that did not win once the auction is closed. All details about the items they bid on but did not win will be included in the email.

Click on "Create" in the top right of this page once you're done customizing your form. This will finalize the creation of your form and will save it in your dashboard so that you can go back and edit it. If you don't click on create, your edits and creation will be lost

Advanced Settings

In your advanced settings, you'll be able to:

  • Set an automatic reminder to bidders. You can decide how many days before the auction end date the reminder should be sent, and you can edit the contents of the email by clicking on "edit." Get more information here: Configuring a reminder email
  • Add your email in the notification field so that you can be notified each time somebody makes a bid on your auction form. 

Once your form configuration has been finalized and you're ready for it to be publicized, you'll be able to share it with your community. To learn how to share your form, consult the instructions here: Sharing your Zeffy form.