How do I set up a store on Zeffy?

Easily set up an online store with photos on Zeffy!

Create your store:

  • Log into your Zeffy dashboard on a computer. 
  • Click on "Ticketing" in the menu bar on the left. 
  • Click on "+ New Ticket form" and select the online shop option. 

1) Describe your Store

  • On this same page, add the name of your store, choose your language, and add a description.
  • Click on "Next" in the top right once you're happy with this.

2) Add your items

  • On the second page, you'll be able to add your items. 
  • Name your item, and add a price, image, and description.
  • Add as many items as you want by clicking "+ Add Item" in the bottom right.

❗For optimal image quality, upload a square photo of your item to the image box. 

  • ⚠️ More options:
    • If you click the "Options" below each item for more options.
    • Set a total availability: if you have limited quantities, you can set an upper limit for purchases.
    • Generate Tax receipts: if part of the purchase price is eligible for a tax receipt, you can check the option to generate a tax receipt and set the desired amount.
    • Early bird purchases: if you want to sell some of your items at early bird pricing, you can set a date on which this item will no longer be available for sale. 

💡 Pro Tip: If your sale contains the option for shipping, you can add it by creating an additional item in your store!


  •  🤲 Activate donations:
    • Below your ticket items, you can activate the option for donors to add a donation to your organization and to generate a receipt for the additional donation.

  • ❓ Ask your buyers custom questions:
    • In the custom questions section, you have the option to ask two types of questions.
    • Questions for the buyer will be asked once per purchase. 

    •  Questions per item will be asked for each item that is purchased. This is a great place to be asking for color or size preferences. 

    💡 Question Limits for MCQ questions

    For MCQ questions, you can set a limit on how many times each answer option can be selected. You can use this feature to indicate how many sizes you have available for each item for example

    To do this, chose MCQ with single or multiple answers as the question type. Then, click on "a maximum choice limit below the question.

    You can then enter the limit that corresponds to each multiple-choice answer in the field to the right. On the form, your buyers will be able to see how many of each selection are still available.


    💡 Questions only for specific tickets

    When clicking on "More Options" below questions per item, you can also specify which ticket rates you want this question to be asked for.

      • Click on "Next" in the top right of this page once you're done adding your items and questions.

    3) Customize the look of your store

    • In the third step of your store, you can change the color of your form, you can add your logo (1:1 ratio recommended), and add a form banner (16:9 ratio recommended).

    • Further down, edit the thank you email that goes out to each individual that buys something from your store.

    Click on "Create" in the top right of this page once you're done customizing your form. This will finalize the creation of your form and will save it in your dashboard so that you can go back and edit it. If you don't click on create, your edits and creation will be lost. 

    4) Share your Store

    • In the fourth step, you can share the form to your e-shop. 
    • Under "Form Link," you can copy and paste the URL to the form. 

    • You can also share your form by embedding it on your website or by using your unique QR code. For more information on how these options work, consult our documentation here.

    5) Advanced Settings in your Store

    • In your advanced settings:
      • Enable paying by cheque for payments above 500$.
      • Add discount codes to your store. For more information on discount codes, please consult our documentation here
      • Add your email in the notification field so that you can be notified each time somebody makes a purchase on your form.