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Create a captivating online raffle!

Build a fully-personalized raffle experience and boost your online donations.

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raffle-lp-2Start selling online raffle tickets

  • Create a mobile-friendly raffle form. Zeffy forms are optimized for a seamless user experience on every device and convert 50% more than the industry average.
  • Ask an unlimited number of custom questions to your participants to efficiently collect all the information you need during registration.
  • Customize tickets, apply rates, create group packages, and limit the number of available tickets for the prizes to be won. Zeffy offers unlimited personalization options to fit your ticketing needs.
  • Set an unlimited number of ticket types and rates, define the available quantity for each, and define a minimum and a maximum number of tickets per purchase.
  • Zeffy’s donor management features enable you to send personalized post-event thank you messages to your attendees and build long-lasting relationships with your supporters.

Ready to start?

Start creating your first event form here! All our forms are free, so feel free to test the form's features first. Follow this guide to help you through your first form creation or book a meeting with a Zeffy expert below :