How can I limit my sales or set a maximum number of sales?

You have limited availability of tickets for your event or raffle, or want to sell a limited number of membership or online store items? Easily set a sales limit in Zeffy.

For events, raffle, membership, or e-commerce forms, you can easily set sales limits for different items. This determines how many tickets, memberships, or items are available for sale. For example, setting the quantity at 200 means that you will sell no more than 200 tickets.

  1. Go to your Zeffy Dashboard.
  2. Go to "my forms." Click on edit next to an existing form or create a new form.
  3. In the "Tickets" section of your form, you can set a "Total number of tickets". This is the total number of tickets that you can sell, at any rate.
    ⚠️ For example, if you know that your venue will only seat 300 people, you should put "300" as the "Total number of tickets". If you have multiple ticket types, limiting the total number of tickets will mean you have a total number of tickets for sale, regardless of the ticket rate.
  4. For each individual type of ticket, once you have written the name of each ticket and the ticket price, click on "Options". You will then see 3 sections:

➡️ You can set a "Total number of tickets for this rate", which refers to the maximum number of tickets you can sell at this specific rate. If there are no limits, you can leave it blank.

➡️ You can set a "Minimum number of tickets per purchase", which refers to the minimum amount each purchaser must purchase to complete their form. 

➡️ You can set a "Maximum number of tickets per purchase" which refers to the maximum number of tickets at this rate that an individual buyer can buy. 


⚠️ If you have set a limit for "total number of tickets" and a limit for the "Total number of tickets for this rate," the total limit will override the individual ticket limit. 

For example, let's say you have two tickets, General admissions and Students.

You set general admissions availability to 30 and Students to 20.

However, if you have a total limit of 40, sales will close when you have sold 40 tickets overall, even if you have technically not reached the maximum for general admissions or student tickets.