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What is Zeffy Tap to Pay?

Zeffy Tap to Pay allows you to accept in person payments through your iPhone, no physical terminal needed.

Accept payments easily for all your in person events, stores or any other occasions using your iPhone.

With the Zeffy App, you can access all your ticketing forms to sell your event tickets, raffle tickets, or others to accept payments in person.

To set up the App, download it on the App Store and log in using your Zeffy account information.

Setting up your card reader on your iPhone

Once you've logged into the account, you will be prompted to configure the card reader on your phone. To set it up > Click Configure > Discover Readers > Apple Built-In (XXX).

You will get a confirmation that your reader has connected and you will be ready to start accepting payments.

From there, open the event you would like to accept payments for, select the ticket type, and click on checkout. You can then pass the phone to your buyer so they can complete their payment.

Who can use Zeffy Tap to Pay?

Any nonprofit organization in the USA can use Zeffy Tap to Pay. You'll need a Zeffy account, with a ticketing form created. To accept payments on the App, you'll need an iPhone XS or later running on iOS 16 or later.


Have any questions or feedback? Reach out to rowan@zeffy.com .