Troubleshooting the Tap to Pay app

Efficiently troubleshoot common app challenges with our guide for problem-solving

1. The "checkout" or "other" buttons do not display on the contribution to Zeffy page

Accessibility settings on iPhone that make text larger. The larger text is affecting the layout of that page and results in the bottom of the app being cut off.


1) In your iPhone settings, go to "accessibility" > "display & text size" and make sure that the settings look as follows. The bold text and larger text should be set to "off."
2) If everything looks normal on the previous settings, go into your iPhone settings and go to "Display & Brightness." Under these settings, make sure "display Zoom" is set to default. Make sure that the "larger text" is off and that the bar at the bottom is set to the regular size as well. 
Here is what your settings should look like: 
By changing the settings shown above, the contribution page should show you four boxes, three suggested percentages and one box called "other." At the bottom, there will be a button that will allow you to continue with the payment process, like this: 
ttp example screen

2. Payment failed error

The "Payment failed" screen on the app is typically due to a misconfiguration of the phone card reader.

Here are tested solutions to resolve the error rapidly :

  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Make sure your iOS is up-to-date (iOS 15.5 or newer)
  • Go to the app's settings on your phone, and disable the password/Face ID setting of the app
  • Allow location access. Go to your iPhone "Settings" > scroll to your apps and find "Zeffy" > Click "Location" > Set it to "While using the app." 

Here is what your Zeffy app settings should look like: 

zeffy app settings

3. I cannot find my form 

Zeffy Tap to Pay is not available on all forms yet. 

The app is available for: single-date events, online stores and raffles. 

The app is not available for: multi-date events, donation forms or memberships. 

💡A workaround to using a donation form could be using a single-date event with 0$ tickets where the additional donation option is activated – this would allow people to type in the donation of their choice. 

🔨 Our product team is working on having tap-to-pay compatible with all form types. Vote on this feature request here to be informed via email when there are any updates on this feature.

None of the above 

If none of the above solutions work for you, try the following: 

  • Tap the credit card you are trying use to the back of the phone instead of on top. 
  • Try using a different card or payment method, to help identify if the error is triggered by the device or the payment method
  • Try using a different device to help identify if the error is localized to the specific device, or the app globally

Contact our support team if none of the above help resolve the challenge you're facing on Zeffy tap to pay. Screenshots and specific information related to the form you're using, the card type and the transaction amount is helpful information to provide to resolve your issue quickly.