Setting up Zeffy Tap to Pay

A step-by-step guide to setting up your tap-to-pay app and accepting your first payment.

Zeffy's Tap to Pay app allows you to accept in-person payments through your iPhone, no physical terminal needed. With the Zeffy App, you can access all your compatible forms to sell your event tickets, raffle tickets, or others to accept payments in person.

Setting up your card reader on your iPhone

Tap to Pay requirements

In order to use the tap-to-pay app, you will need the following:

  • An IPhone XS or later running iOS 15.5 or later
  • A Zeffy account connected to an American bank account

Setting up the App

Open up the app and login with your Zeffy email and password.
  • The app will then proceed to check if you need all the requirements. If all requirements are met, they will turn green and you will be able to click on next.


Configure the Reader

Once you've logged into the account, you will be prompted to configure the card reader on your phone. To set it up > Click Configure > Discover Readers > Apple Built-In (XXX).


Once you click on Apple built-in, you'll see a little spinning circle and the mention "connecting." It may take up to a minute for the reader to connect. You'll see a pop-up that the connection was successful when the reader has been connected.

Accepting a payment

Once your reader is successfully connected, you will see a list of your Zeffy forms on which you can accept payments. 

⚠️ Tap-to-pay is currently only compatible with single-date events, raffles an de-commerce / boutiques.

If your form is a multi-date event form, membership form, or donation form, it will not show up in your tap-to-pay app. Donation forms and campaigns are not currently supported by the tap-to-pay app.

Select the form for which you want to accept a payment. You will see a list of your different rates. If you have enabled the "extra donation" feature on your form, you will also see the option to add an extra donation for your non-profit. Confirm your selection and pass the phone to the buyer. 

They will see a summary of the payment and checkout total. After that, they will be asked to enter their email address to receive their confirmation email and their payment receipt. Once they have filled out their information, they will be prompted to tap their card to the phone in order to complete the payment.