Your Zeffy Tax Guide

We’re simplifying the 2023 tax season for you by preparing a comprehensive guide with the essential information you need.

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Zeffy will re-send a summary of your donors' 2023 tax receipts by January 31st, 2024.

  • You don’t have to worry about sending any receipts to your donors, we will automatically take care of this for you. On January 31st, 2024 all of your donors from 2023 that were eligible for a tax receipt will have received their receipts via email.
  • The email sent from Zeffy will include each of your donor’s receipts for payments made through Zeffy in 2023. This includes receipts from other organizations that use Zeffy, ensuring that your donors are able to access all of their tax receipts in one single document, making it easier for them.
  • For one-time payments through Zeffy, your donors have already received a copy of their receipt. For monthly recurring donations, we will be generating these automatically in January. Both types of receipts will be sent out by January 31st.
  • Donors are also able to access all of their receipts from their Zeffy donor account.

Here is what the email and receipts will look like:


What your organization can do to prepare for the 2023 tax season:

  1. Send an email to your donors in early January to notify them that Zeffy will be re-sending their tax receipts by January 31st, 2024. Here's how:

2. Ensure that all of your receipts are up to date before January 29th. Correct any receipts that aren’t accurate and add all your offline donations for the year that you would like to emit receipts for. This will ensure that these receipts are sent out to your donors. Here's how: 


How to manage your receipt report:

You can export your tax receipt report by visiting the receipts tab in your dashboard. (You can find this in the “Bank” tab in your dashboard.)

  1. Filter by year with the quick filter option '2023'.
  2. View the amount you’ve emitted in receipts for this year.
  3. Export your tax receipt report by pressing “Export 2023 tax report”.


How to answer your donors' frequently asked questions:

Q: When will I be receiving my tax receipt for my donation made to your organization?

A: The week of January 29th, 2024 you will receive an email from Zeffy, the fundraising platform we use. They will be sending all of your tax receipts from all the organizations that you have given to that use Zeffy. This will include your tax receipt from our organization.

Q: Why are we getting this receipt again? I already have it!

A: This is just a reminder email in case you lost your receipt for a donation you have previously made. If you have already downloaded a copy previously, you can use that one.

Q: I want one receipt for all the donations I’ve made to your organization this year. Is that possible?

A: If you’ve made a monthly recurring donation, you’ll receive one receipt for all your payments related to this recurring donation. If you’ve made multiple one-time donations, you’ve already received a receipt for each individual payment. Since these documents have already been produced, we cannot emit a cumulative receipt. However, Zeffy will be sending one PDF document to you by January 31st, 2024. This will include all your receipts, which you can use directly to submit your taxes or send to your accountant if applicable.


Q: Why is my monthly donation receipt dated December 30th?

A: Zeffy emits a cumulative receipt for your monthly giving and since you give multiple times a year, there is no exact date for your giving. Zeffy chooses to date the receipt at the end of the year to be inclusive of all donations, but that does not mean the payment was made on that date. We want to assure you that the receipt is eligible to be submitted.

Frequently asked questions by charities:

Q: When will my donors be receiving their tax receipts for their donations made to my organization? Do I need to send them out?

A: The week of January 29th, 2024 your donors will receive an email from Zeffy. We will be sending all of their tax receipts from all the organizations that they have given to that use Zeffy. This will include the tax receipt for their donation to your organization.


Q: I need to quickly see the the amount my organization has emitted in receipts this year. How can I do this?

A: In the receipts section of your dashboard, under the Bank tab, you’ll have access to all the receipts emitted for your organization through Zeffy. By filtering by the dates you need (quick tip use the quick filters like Last year), you’ll be able to see all the receipts emitted during that time, along with the total amount emitted in receipts. We also provide the advantage amount in the case that you emitted split tax receipts.


Q: Can I opt-out of Zeffy resending tax receipts to my donors? 

A: No, it is not possible to opt out of tax receipts being resent to donors. Donors will receive their receipts for all their donations through Zeffy, not just those made to your organization. We have a multitude of donors who have donations to multiple non-profits on the platform and the reminder email allows them to have them in one place without needing to contact us about missing receipts for only one non-profit or only one donation.