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Test the platform: Run payment tests and test confirmation emails

While we do not have a test mode, you can test out various functions of the platform by following the options below.

Testing actual payments

You must connect your bank account to test payments on the platform. You can then create a $1 ticket option on your form, or make a $1 donation on your donation form to go through the process of making a payment.

Once the payment goes through, you will receive your confirmation email and you will see the payment in your Zeffy account.

If you would like to refund the payment once it goes through, follow these steps: Issuing refunds

Testing the form experience without making a payment 

If you simply wish to navigate the form that you will share with your donors, you can create a $0 ticket option on an event/raffle/online store form. When a $0 ticket is selected, no payment method needs to be entered.

You will see the thank you page and receive the thank you email your supporters will receive. 

Testing the post-payment actions 

If you would like to simply test the process of receiving a confirmation email, you can use our manual payment function. To learn how to make a manual payment, visit our page: Manual payments.

Post-test changes 

Editing the thank-you email

If you receive the confirmation email that is sent out to donors and you realize you would like to change the information contained in the thank you email, you can edit it quickly by following the steps outlined here: Editing the thank you email

Editing your form 

If you visit your form and you wish to change the layout, information, images, etc. you can do so very quickly from your Zeffy account. Go back to your account, navigate to "Forms" and hover over the form you wish to edit. The "Edit" button will appear. 

If you're on mobile, go to "forms" and scroll to the right of the form you wish to edit. Click the three dots next to the form name and select "Edit."