How do I issue a refund?

If a donor is seeking a refund, you can easily refund them from your dashboard.

To refund a donation, log into your Zeffy account and go to “Donations” > “My Donations.” Click on the donation in question, and you will see a window open towards the right of your screen.
Click the little three dots in the top right to see the option "Refund Donation." A pop-up will open asking you to confirm the amount of the refund!

💡 If you are looking to issue a partial refund, simply type in the amount you would like to refund and click confirm. 

Your donor will receive a refund confirmation from Stripe to their email address and should see the money in their account within a few days.

⚠️ If you are refunding an amount that exceeds your available balance within Zeffy, the money will be retrieved from your connected bank account in order to refund your donor.