Connecting an existing Stripe account to Zeffy

It is not possible to connect an existing Stripe account to Zeffy. A new Stripe account will be created when the verification is complete.

If your organization already uses Stripe, or has an account open with Stripe, you cannot connect an existing account to Zeffy. You must go through the verification process so that your organization's custom connected Stripe account can be created. 

We have a custom integration between Zeffy and Stripe that makes all of your bank information and payment information manageable in Zeffy directly without having to go back and forth between two platforms.

The custom integration is also what allows Zeffy to cover all transaction fees on your behalf. Because we cover all fees on your behalf, there is no cost associated with your sign-up on Zeffy – once you complete your banking verification, your Zeffy/Stripe account will automatically be created for you and you'll be able to start accepting payments and receive payouts.