Obtain all event attendee names when multiple tickets are purchased

When a buyer purchases multiple tickets, you can easily ask for the first and/or last names of each attendee. This will allow you to generate an accurate guest-list ahead of your event.

Asking for additional names besides the purchaser

  • In your Zeffy dashboard, click on "My forms" in the menu bar.
  • Click on "Edit" next to the name of the form for which you want to add custom questions. 
  • Go to the second section of your form, called the "Tickets" section. Scroll down just a bit until you see the "Form questions section". 
  • Add questions for the quest(s): This type of question will be asked for each ticket bought.
  • In the question type, make sure to select the type "Name." That question will then be asked for each ticket purchased and will allow you to download an updated guest-list.
  • 💡 The answer to this question will also be displayed on the e-ticket.

Where can I find this information?