Create group tickets or ticket bundles

Create group tickets or ticket bundles so that your buyers can purchase a bundle of tickets in one go.

When a buyer purchases a group ticket or ticket bundle, they will be sent a PDF with the number of e-tickets indicated. Each ticket will be individually and sequentially numbered, and answers to custom questions per ticket will appear on each individual ticket.

Group tickets

  • Log-in to your dashboard on a desktop. 
  • Go to "My Forms." Click on edit to the right of the form in question or create a new event form if you don't have one yet. 
  • Go to the second step named "Tickets."

  • There, you will be able to see a list of your tickets. Click on "options" below a specific type.
  • Check the option" this is a group ticket." You will be able to specify the number of tickets included in this bundle.

If you need to collect information for each ticket holder in the ticket group, make sure to add custom questions to your form. 

➡️ How can I add custom questions to my forms?

It is not possible to split the payment of a group ticket between multiple cards. It is also not possible to automatically issue tax receipts to each person included on the order. Only one tax receipt will be issued for the purchaser.