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How can I add a note to a transaction?

Add notes to a donation or ticketing purchase for additional context on the payment. Notes are visible on the dashboard and on transaction reports.

When it is useful to annotate a transaction? 

  • To keep track of check payments that are received or not 
  • To keep records of the transaction's history. Ex. : if the transaction is canceled or refunded, you may want to keep a note as to why and who did it
  • To keep track of any conversation, question, or concern from your donor. More context is always good! 
  • To add details to manual entries. Ex. if you manually adjusted your campaign thermometer 

How can you annotate a transaction? 

  1. Go to "My payments". 
  2. Find the transaction in the list or using the search bar, hover your mouse over the transaction and click "View". 
  3. A window with the transaction details will open on the right. Find the "+Add a note" button.
  4. Write your note (who, what, when, why) and click anywhere on the page to save it automatically.
  5. Good news! The notes will also be visible in your exported reports.