Accessing and downloading your event guest list or your attendee list with sales details and answers to custom questions

Get your list of your attendees for a complete list of guests, sales details and answers to custom questions.

Accessing your guest list

  •  Login to your Zeffy account and click on "payments" in the left hand menu. 
  • At the top of the page, click on "filter" and select the event for which you would like to access the overview. 

  • Once the filter has been applied, the page layout will have changes to give you an overview of that specific event.
  • Switch into the "guest list" table to access a complete list of attendees

The Guest List view was designed to give you a breakdown of all your tickets with information specific to each ticket. If you collected each attendee's name during the payment process, the guest list view will also show you the name of each attendee and not just the buyer's information. 

If a buyer has purchased multiple tickets, you can expand the tickets by clicking on the number of tickets. 

The expanded view will allow you to see each ticket in that transaction, including the answers to your custom questions for each ticket.

Downloading your guest list

To download your guest list, click on the checkbox in the top left to select all your tickets. Then, click on "export" in the top right.