Accept in-person payments with a card reader or a QR code

Use our tap-to-pay app (US) or share your form QR code to accept payments in-person

What avenues are available for accepting payments in person?

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1. Zeffy Tap to Pay: An iOS (iPhone) app available to organizations in the US 

2. QR code: Print your QR code for people to scan and be brought directly to your form to make an online payment

3. Log manual payments received in cash, by check, e-transfer or other 

Zeffy Tap-to-Pay 

Zeffy's version of a card reader is an Apple app called Tap-to-Pay. It is currently only compatible with IOS, but the app allows you to accept in-person payments directly through your phone! It is 100% free, just like the rest of our platform. We also cover all transaction fees associated with your payments. We don't currently offer the possibility to connect an external card reader to Zeffy.

You will need:

  • An iPhone model XS or newer updated to iOS 15.5 or later

  • A Zeffy account connected to an American bank account

➡️ Follow the instructions here on how to set up the app.

Tap-to-pay is only available for sales on single-day event, raffle, online store and other sales forms. To accept donations, activate the "additional donation" option on any of the above mentioned forms. 

📱Are you an Android user interested in using Tap to Pay? Vote on the request for the app on Android here

🇨🇦 Are you a Canadian user interested in using Tap to Pay? Vote on the request for the app in Canada here

Print a QR code 

When you create a form, an individual QR code is created. This QR code can be scanned by any smartphone and will bring your supporter straight to your form.

You can copy and paste it to physical communications and you can print it out to have it available around your venue. 

To find your QR code: 

  • Login to Zeffy and go to "Forms"
  • Hover over the form you want to share and click the "share" button that appears to the right.
  • A pop-up will open showing you the different sharing options you have access to.
  • Click on "QR code" to access the QR code option.

  • Click on "copy image" to copy your QR code to your clipboard. You'll be able to paste it into the communication materials of your choice. 
  • Click on "download image" to download a png version of your QR code onto your device. 

The "Copy" option will not always appear on Firefox. Try a different browser if you don't see the button. 

Log payments directly in Zeffy received in cash, by check, e-transfer, or other

Consult this page of our help center for a video tutorial and visual aids of the manual entry process ➡️ Manual payment or registration entries

Here are the general steps to follow: 

  • Log into your Zeffy dashboard
  • Click on "Payments" in the menu bar on the left-hand side. At the top, righthand side of the page, click on "Add payment" and "Add manually."
  • Select the form you're adding the payment on
  • Enter the amount
  • Select the payment method 
  • Enter the supporter's information
    • Enter their email to be able to check the option to send them the configured thank-you email with their receipt and e-tickets if applicable
    • Enter their full address (Canada) to be able to check the option to generate a tax receipt if applicable