What payment methods does Zeffy accept?

Learn more about the different payment methods accepted by Zeffy.

💳 Credit Cards or Debit Cards

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.) are accepted on all payments up to $5,000.

If your donors have a debit card with a CVV and expiry date, they can also enter their debit card in this field.

🏦 ACH (US users)

Donors will be able to pay by ACH. Our ACH payments are built in a way where donors cannot enter their payment method directly in Zeffy. When they select the ACH payment method, your donors won't see a field to enter their information like you would for a credit card payment. To enter their information, they will first have to click on "donate" or "complete" at the bottom of the page. Only once they do this will a pop-up open where you will be able to connect their banking information to pay via ACH pre-authorized debit!

For payment ≥$500, the default payment method will change to ACH as this costs Zeffy significantly less in fees than a credit card payment. Donors can always switch back to credit card payments by clicking on "other payment methods."

💱 PAD (pre-authorized debit for Canadian users)

For donations or payments ≥$500, Canadian donors will be able to pay PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit). From that threshold onwards, the default payment method will be switched to ACH/PAD, but donors always have the option to switch back to credit card payments by clicking the "Other payment method" appearing on the form. 

🍎 Apple Pay / Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are automatically enabled on all forms if your user has those payment methods enabled on their device and browser, you do not have to set them up in your form settings. These payment methods will be displayed (or not) depending on your user's preferences. These payment methods are typically more popular on mobile devices, and they will not be displayed on embed forms.

💷 Cheque

If you have enabled it in the advanced settings of your form editor, individuals can also pay by cheque for amounts >500$. This option can be accepted for one-time donations only, it is not possible to enable payment by cheque on monthly donations.