Who can use Zeffy?

Zeffy works with registered nonprofits across Canada and the US.

To use Zeffy, you need to:

1️⃣  Be a registered nonprofit or charity in Canada or the United States.

2️⃣  Have a bank account that belongs to your nonprofit organization which you can connect to your Zeffy account.

Common Zeffy users:

🙏 Charities

👐 Nonprofits

🏫 Student Organizations

⚽ Sports Teams

What can I use Zeffy for?

You can use Zeffy to receive donations, start a fundraiser, sell tickets to an event or a raffle, or even manage your memberships or volunteers! Refer to our terms of service for more information. As long as you are a registered non-profit or charity with a bank account in the name of your organization, you can use Zeffy.

What's next?

Attend one of our free demos here to learn more about the platform! Otherwise, you can sign up here - it's free! :)