Is my organization eligible to use Zeffy?

Wondering if you can use Zeffy? Consult our requirements below to find out if you qualify.

The only requirements to use Zeffy, are:

1️⃣  Be a registered nonprofit or charity in Canada or the United States.

2️⃣  Have a bank account that belongs to your nonprofit organization which you can connect to your Zeffy account.

🇺🇸 In the US, you do not have to have 501c3 status to use Zeffy. The only requirements are listed above. You will be asked to provide your EIN number as proof of your nonprofit status, but no matter the type of nonprofit or charity, you can use Zeffy for fundraising.  

Some examples of Zeffy users are:

Charities, nonprofits, animal welfare organizations, student organizations, sports teams, PTOs/PTAs, museums, theatre companies, veterans organizations, scouts, political campaigns ... and many more! 

What if I am operating under a fiscal sponsor? How does that work?

If your organization is an endowed fund affiliated with a larger organization and everything gets filed using their EIN as a fiscal sponsor or if you are raising funds for a nonprofit, you can still use Zeffy! To learn how to set up your account, please refer to our Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ page.

A list of American nonprofit types that are eligible to use Zeffy 

501(c)(3) / 501c3, 501(c)(4) / 501c4, 501(c)(5) / 501c5, 501(c)(6)/ 501c6, 501(c)(7) / 501c7, 501(c)(8) / 501c8, 501(c)(9) / 501c9, 501(c)(10) / 501c10, 501(c)(11) / 501c11, 501(c)(12)/ 501c12, 501(c)(13) / 501c13, 501(c)(14) / 501c14, 501(c)(15)/ 501c15, 501(c)(16) / 501c16, 501(c)(17) / 501c17, 501(c)(18) / 501c18, 501(c)(19) / 501c19, 501(c)(21) / 501c21, 501(c)(22) / 501c22, 501(c)(23) / 501c23, 501(c)(26) / 501c26, 501(c)(27) / 501c27, 501(c)(29)/ / 501c29

Zeffy is not available in the following regions/continents

Africa, Europe, Australia, Central and South America, Asia

Stripe's Restricted and Prohibited Business List

Zeffy partners with Stripe for payment processing. If you fall under Stripe's restricted and prohibited business list, your account may be rejected by Stripe, and therefore you cannot use Zeffy. If you have any doubts, please consult the list: Stripe's Restricted and Prohibited Business List