Fiscal Sponsorships on Zeffy

You can create an account under the fiscal sponsorship of another organization.

Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization's mission.

Because Zeffy is available only to registered non-profits, groups under fiscal sponsorship should take the following into consideration when setting up their Zeffy account.

Create your account

When creating your new account here.

Make sure this account is created in the name of your fiscal sponsor. This will be the name that will feature on your official tax receipts.

Add your administrative information

Once you've completed your onboarding flow, you can go ahead and add your administrative information. At this stage, make sure to enter your fiscal sponsor's EIN number as well as their name. Again, this is the information that will be featured on your official tax receipts.

Complete the Stripe verification

If you are under fiscal sponsorship, your account will have to be verified with your fiscal sponsor's Employer Identification Number (EIN). Make sure to enter their EIN number and SS-4 form during your verification. The ID verification can be completed by a representative of your organization. 

➡️ A step-by-step guide to completing your Stripe verification

Once you've completed the verification, you can change the "Doing business as" name, so that your nonprofit's name appears on all of your forms. 

    Connect your bank account

    Have a blank check ready! The final step of your bank account connection will be adding the banking information of your non-profit's bank account. This is where your funds will be paid out.

    At this stage, you will be able to connect your own bank account, not that of your fiscal sponsor, so that the funds are transferred into the bank account of your specific group!

    Add your logo

    Once all the banking and verification steps have been finalized, you'll be able to upload your logo in the visual identity settings of your account.

    Click on your name in the top left and then on settings. Then, click on "visual identity" to upload your logo which will be visible on all forms.

    Unsure about whether or not you can use Zeffy? Check out our requirements here