The Zeffy Referral Program

Be rewarded for spreading the word about Zeffy in your network.

Do you know organizations that could use a free fundraising platform? Refer your network to Zeffy and receive up to $150 per organization referred. Invite your contacts to join Zeffy with your unique invitation link, and receive CA $0.25 per transaction received by the referred non-profit, up to CA $150 per organization.

How does it work?

1. Find your referral link. 

You will find your referral link in your Zeffy dashboard, under the "Referrals" tab in the left-hand menu. 

If you can't see the "Referrals" tab, it means you haven't received your first payout yet. Referrals will be available to you as soon as you receive your first payout. To see when your next payout is expected, go to the "Bank" > "Payouts" tab. 


2. Share with your network

Copy your link and share it with your network by email or through social media. The link leads your contacts to a Zeffy registration page, where they can complete the creation of their account. 

Whenever a new account is created via your referral link, they will appear under the "Referrals" > "My referrals" tab, so you will know who has responded to your invitation. 

3. Receive your referrer rewards! 

Each time an organization you referred receives a payment through their Zeffy account, regardless of the amount or type of form they are using, CA $0.25 is added to your balance, up to a maximum of CA $150 per organization referred. Your referrer rewards balance is paid to you once a month and is added to your regular payout. Find out how much referrer rewards you collected under the "Referrals" > "My referrals" tab.