Set-up UTM Parameters & Source Tracking

Configuring the UTM settings on your Zeffy donation form link allows you to track how each donor found your campaign.

1. UTM tags

UTM tracking is a marketing tool that lets you understand what drives traffic to your forms by adding information to your URL.

The UTM is a snippet of code in your form URL that tells you the source of your respondents. Simply add a code to the end of your Zeffy donation form to identify different sources of users.

Simply add the extension ?UTM_source=[source] to the end of the URL of your Zeffy donation form.

For example, if you share your donation page on your website, on facebook and on linked-in, you'll be able to share three different links with the extensions ?utm_source=facebook, ?utm_source=website and ?utm_source=linkedin.

The link will therefore become[XYZ].

If a donation is made successfully, the source will be visible in your Zeffy dashboard under the donation details. It will show up like the answer to a custom question.

It will also appear in your exports to help you identify click sources.

UTMs are only available on donation forms at this time. Adding a UTM to an event, raffle, membership, or other ticketing form will not work. 

2. Customized redirections

Currently, all Zeffy forms are redirected to the official Zeffy Thank You page. However, some organizations request that their forms be redirected to a customized web page of their choice, enabling them to track successful payments on the Zeffy thank-you page.

To set up a customized redirect, please contact with the link to the Zeffy form and the link to which you would like a redirect.