How to "unscan" or "uncheck" a guest that was accidentally checked-in

Use the checkin manager to reset the "checked-in" status of a particular attendee

Resetting the scan status of a ticket

  • Login to your Zeffy account and click on "payments" in the left hand menu.
  • At the top of the page, click on "filter" and select the event for which you would like to access the checkin manager.

If your event is a date with multiple occurrences, make sure to also add a filter for a specific event occurence.  The checkin manager will only show once a specific date has been filtered for. 

  • Below the fundraising total, switch into the "guest list view" and then click on "manage check-ins."

Open Check-in Manager

  • Click on "open check-in manager" > you will be taken straight to the check-in manager. 
  • Search for the guest whose check-in status you would like to reset – the circle to the left of their name should be checked
  • To reset their ticket status, click on the green circle to the left of the specific transaction to reset the check-in status.