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Tax Receipts - Donor FAQ

Here are some our our most frequently asked questions on 2023 tax receipts.

Q: Why am I getting this donation receipt again? I already have it.

A: This is just a reminder email in case you lost your receipts for a donation you have previously made. If you already downloaded a copy previously, you can use that one.


Q: Who can I reach out to if I have questions about my receipts or if I need them to be corrected?

A: If you have any questions or need any corrections made, you can reach out to the organization that the donation was made to. Only they can make corrections or emit new receipts, so they will be best suited to answer your questions.


Q: I am missing a receipt for a donation I made to an organization who uses Zeffy, who can send me that receipt?

A: If you're missing a receipt for a donation made in 2023, please reach out directly to the organization who is responsible for emitting these receipts. If you used more than one email to make a donation or if there was a typo in the email used, the receipt would have been sent to the email used to complete that transaction. 


Q: I want one receipt for all the donations I’ve made to your organization this year. Is that possible?

A: If you’ve made a monthly recurring donation, you’ll receive one cumulative receipt for all of your monthly payments made in 2023. If you’ve made multiple one-time donations, you will have already received a receipt for each individual payment. Since these documents have already been produced, we cannot emit a cumulative receipt. However, Zeffy will be sending one PDF document to you on January 29th, 2024. This will include all your receipts, which you can use to submit your taxes or send to your accountant if applicable.


Q: Why is my monthly donation receipt dated December 30th?

A: Zeffy emits a cumulative receipt for your monthly giving, since you give multiple times a year, there is no exact date for your giving. Zeffy chooses to date the receipt at the end of the year to be inclusive of all donations, but that does not mean the payment was made on that date. We assure you that the receipt is eligible to be used!


Q: Why does my receipt say "Cancelled"? 

A: Zeffy resends all tax receipts to donors, including those that were cancelled, for your records. If your tax receipt has a cancellation notice on it, it could be because you were issued a refund for your donation, or there was an error and you were issued a new receipt. If you would like more information about why your receipt was cancelled, please contact the organization who issued it to you. 


Q: Who do I contact if I want my receipts mailed to me?

A: If you want to receive a physical copy your receipts in the mail, please reach out to the organisation(s) that emitted the receipts to you. Zeffy does not mail copies of receipts to donors, but the organisation may be able to assist you with this request.