Open and manage multiple accounts or profiles

Every user can be a member of unlimited Organization accounts. Easily create and switch between accounts without having to set up multiple passwords.

Follow these steps to toggle between existing accounts, or between your donor/organization profile : 

  1. On the left side menu of your dashboard, click on your name. 
  2. Click "Switch profile". 
  3. You'll see the list of all the organization accounts you have access to, as well as the "My donor profile" option, which allows you to access your donor account. Learn more about the donor profile features here

You will have to verify each of the accounts you open to connect the bank and collect payments

Adding other users

If you are the owner of multiple Zeffy accounts, you can add different people to each of the organizations. They will only have access to the organization that you give them access to. For more on user management, check out this page here: Add users and manage their permissions