Receive notifications for new payments

Get notified by email for each new transaction on your form, or learn how to disable these notifications.

Notification emails have to be configured individually for each of your forms. You can add different emails to be notified depending on your campaign. 

    To configure notification emails for each new transaction :  
  • Log in to your Zeffy dashboard and go to "Forms".  
  • Find the form you wish to edit and click "Edit" to access the form editor. 
  • Under "Advanced settings", find the box called "Emails that receive a notification" and input the email address that should be notified of a new donation. 

  • To notify more than one email address, separate each email address with a comma (","), without a space. Ex.,
  • Click "Save" button at the top right corner. 

This must be set-up for each form. To be notified of each transaction received, make sure that you have entered your email address under the "Advanced Settings" step for every single one of your forms.


If you are receiving notifications for new payments and you want to stop receiving them, remove your email from the "advanced settings" on all of your Zeffy forms.