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How do I resend a confirmation email, tax receipt, or e-ticket?

Easily resend a confirmation email from your Zeffy dashboard.

❗If a donor did not receive their confirmation email, please make sure they check their spam in case it ended up there.

If they still did not receive it:

You can resend the confirmation email, which will include their ticket or tax receipts (if applicable). You can even resend this to a different email if your donor made a typo.

Log into your Zeffy dashboard on a computer. 

  • Go to "my payments" and look for the transaction in question and click on it.

  • A page will pop up with the option "resend the receipt" in the top right. 
  • A pop-up will open asking you to confirm the email address. 🖊️ If your buyer originally made a typo, you can correct the email address here before resending it. 
  • This will resend the confirmation email. This confirmation email will include the tax receipt and/or e-tickets (depending on which one applies).

There is no way to check on the status of the email on your end but please note that it is always sent as soon as you confirm the email address that you want it sent to.