How do I move a donation in a P2P?

If a donor accidentally made a donation to the wrong team or individual within the same peer-to-peer campaign, you can easily move the donation.

To move a donation within the same peer-to-peer campaign, please:

  • Go to "Donations" > "My donations" in your Zeffy dashboard.
  • Find the donation by the donor and click on the transaction. A small page should open up.
  • Right underneath the name of the donor, you will see the name of the campaign page the donor donated to. Click on the little pen to the right of this.

  • Select the donation campaign page your donor actually wants to contribute to in the dropdown menu.
  • And you're all set! The donation should now be reassigned to the correct campaign page. If you're checking the donation pages, be sure to refresh the page just in case to see the adjustment.

 ⚠️ Please note that you cannot reassign a donation for regular donation forms or across peer-to-peer campaigns. Donation reassignments only within the same peer-to-peer campaign. If a donor accidentally made the wrong donation to the wrong form, you will need to refund the donor and get the donor to make the donation again.