Reporting on Zeffy: How do I export data or reports?

You can export all payouts and payment transactions processed through Zeffy, as well as donor data.

There are several ways of exporting data on Zeffy.

Before we go over all the different types of exports and reports you can extract from your account, please take note of the following information!

⚠️ Where to find your report. Your reports should automatically be downloaded to your computer as soon as you click export. However, if the file is too large for immediate download, it will be emailed to your account email. The larger the export, the longer this will take.

📅 Tips on using the date filter! When extracting your report, you may have to use our date filter. This one works using a little trick. Click the "Start date" box first, and a calendar will appear. Select your start date and stay in the calendar window, without clicking anywhere else around the calendar, navigate to your end date and click on it.

➡️ Export your payment data. 

About this Export: 

This export will include all information related to your payments, including their answers to custom questions you may have added as well as manual entries.
  • Click on "My payments" in the left hand menu
  • Filter by form and/or select the dates that you are looking for. 
  • Click the "Export" button at the top right corner to extract this report.

➡️ Export your transaction data. 

About this Export: 

This export will include all payments and transactions you have processed through Zeffy in a specific month. Contrary to the first export, exporting your transaction data will not include manual entries. It will include only transactions and/or refunds that were processed through Zeffy. 
  • Click on "Bank" > "Transactions."
  • Filter your transactions by month in the top right. 
  • Click the "Export" button at the top right corner.


➡️ Export your payout data. 

About this Export: 

This export will include details on your payouts. It will indicate your payout history from Zeffy, as well as which transactions were included in which payout.
  • Click on "Bank" > "Payouts."
  • Click on export in the top right to export a summary of all payouts you have received from Zeffy. 

  • If you click on any payout, you will be able to see which transactions were included in that payout. Click on "Export" for an excel sheet of all the transactions included in a specific payout. 


    ➡️ Export your tax receipt data. 

    About this Export: 

    This export will include all tax receipts you generated in your account, along with details on the transaction and the individual whom the receipt was generated for.
      • Go to the "Receipts" tab under the left-side menu.
      • Use the date filters, if needed.
      • Click the "Export" button at the top right to extract this report

    ➡️ Export your contact data. 

    About this Export: 

    This export will include a set list of your contacts, along with all their relevant contact information.

    • Click on "Contacts" in the menu bar on the left-hand side. 
    • Click on "+ Filter" near the top of the page. Here, you can apply multiple filters to filter the donors, members, or buyers you want to reach out to. For more information on our filters, take a look at the page here.
    • You can then export the filtered list of contacts if you want to save it on your desktop device. To do this, click on "export" in the top right of your account.