Where to find the link to your Zeffy page to add it to your website

How to retrieve the link to your Zeffy form in order to share it with your donors.

Are you looking to add a donate button to your website and make it easier for your donors to contribute to your cause? Zeffy forms provide a simple solution to share a donation link directly with your community.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to promote your cause on social media or send donation links via email. Follow the steps below to find and share the sharing link from your Zeffy forms:

  • Open your web browser on a computer and navigate to your Zeffy dashboard.
  • Under "My Forms" on your Zeffy dashboard, hover your mouse over the form you'd like to share with your community, and click on "Edit."
  • In the top bar of your selected form, you'll find various sections. Locate and click on the "Share" section.
  • Under the "Share" section, you'll find the "Sharing Link." This is the direct link to your form that you can share with your donors.
  • Click on the "Copy" button next to the URL to copy it to your clipboard.

Share Your Form

  • Now, you can paste this URL wherever you want to share your form. Here are a few common places to consider:
    • Social Media: Share the link on your social media pages to reach a wide audience.
    • Email: Include the link in your email communications to make it easy for your supporters to access your donation page.
    • Website: If you want to add a donate button to your website, you can create a button or a hyperlink and use this URL as the link destination.

That's it! You've successfully created a direct sharing link for your Zeffy form, making it easier for your donors and community to contribute to your cause.