How can I translate my form?

You can translate forms from English to French in Canada and from English to Spanish in the US.

🇨🇦 Canadian nonprofits can be translated from English to French and from French to English.

🇺🇸 US non-profits can translate their forms from English to Spanish.

To translate form:

  • Log into your Zeffy dashboard on your computer. 
  • Go to "My forms"
  • Click "Edit" next to the name of the form you want to edit and go to the "Advanced Settings" section of the form. 

  • Click on "Translate the form" at the bottom of the page. You should now have 2 sections of the form, one in English, and the other one blank in either Spanish or French

  • Enter your translated content into the blank section of the form. 

⚠️ Make sure that each section with contents on the English form is also translated. Otherwise, you will obtain an error message stating that you're missing translations.

  • Click "Save". Your form should now be translated! The language it appears in for your donors will depend on the donor's browser language preference.

However, you can also access a specific translation of your form. In the top right of your form, you will see a button to switch to the other language. 

English <> French

To switch from the English to the French version of your form, click on FR in the top right of your form.

English <> Spanish

To switch from the English to the Spanish version of your form, click on ES in the top right of your form.