Generate a tax receipt for an in kind donation

Manually log your in kind donations and generate tax receipts for them

Watch the tutorial or scroll down for the steps to follow 

How to log the payment if the donor has an existing contact page 

  1. In your Zeffy dashboard, go to "Contacts" tab from the left side menu. 
  2. Use the search bar to find the donor's profile using their first or last name. 
  3. Once in the donor's profile, click the "Actions" button in the top right corner, then select "Add payment". 
  4. Select the form on which you wish to log the in-kind donation
  5. In the "Donation amount" field, enter the estimated Fair Market Value (FMV) of the received item, which corresponds to the donated amount and amount eligible to a tax receipt. 
  6. Under "Payment method" select "In kind donation"
  7. In the "Donation date" field, enter the date on which the gift was received. 
  8. Click "Generate a tax receipt" to generate a tax receipt for the donor 
  9. A tax receipt for a non-cash gift is required to include a brief description of the gift received by the charity. Use the "Tax Receipt Description" field to manually add the item description. 
  10. Click "Send the configured thank you email to send the donor the thank you email and their corresponding tax receipt.
  11. Hit "Save" and click "View transaction details" to view the tax receipt that was created. 

If the donor does not have an existing contact page 

1. Go to the "Payment" tab 

2. Click "Add Payment" in the top right hand corner

3. Repeat the steps listed above and enter the donor's contact information. To send the configured thank you email, you must enter an email address. In Canada, to issue a tax receipt, you must enter the donor's full address.


Here is an example of a non-cash charitable tax receipt. 

Canadian Tax Receipt : 

American Tax Receipt : 

Find out more information about government guidelines on tax receipting for in-kind and non-cash donations : Canadian Guidelines and American Guidelines