Can my contacts unsubscribe from emails I send from Zeffy?

Yes, recipients can unsubscribe from emails sent manually from Zeffy.

Transaction confirmation emails will still be sent.

It is only possible for your contacts to unsubscribe from manually sent emails, such as emails sent from the "Contacts", "Transactions" and "Visitors" tab. A contact that unsubscribes from those emails will still receive all of Zeffy's transactional emails, such as ticket purchase confirmations and donation confirmation emails, as well as their tax receipt reminder email sent at the end of each year. 

How can my contacts unsubscribe from my emails? 

All emails sent manually from Zeffy's emailing tool will include a footer, which has an "Unsubscribe" button. When they click the button, they are directed to a confirmation page. 

What happens after they unsubscribed? 

  • They will be automatically excluded from any bulk email you're sending. You don't have to unselect them manually. 
  • An "Unsubscribed" badge will appear next to the contact's name, in their contact page, available from "Contacts" > "My contacts". 

  • Their email address will be greyed out in your contacts list.

  • The "New message" button will also disappear from their contact page.