Do you integrate with other tools?

Zeffy integrates with other tools through Zapier

Zeffy offers integrations to more than 1000 web tools and databases in an easy and intuitive way through Zapier. We are able to integrate with any tools that are available on Zapier. When you receive a donation with Zeffy, you will be able to automatically: 
  • Create a contact in your database 
  • Create a contact in your newsletter tool 
  • Send a Slack message to the person in charge of donations 
  • And many other things!

To connect with Zapier, follow our invitation link here.

This allows you to easily retrieve data from Zeffy when a new payment is received and send it to the application of your choice. This could include your CRM, accounting app, and more.

There are different possible actions in the Zeffy zap:

  • Get Donations: This zap will be triggered for each donation and will contain all the information about the donation.
  • Get Order: This zap will be triggered for each ticket, membership, raffle or e-commerce purchase. If you just want to receive general information about each purchase, this zap will be perfect.
  • Retrieve Additional Questions: Some information will be sent in list format in Zapier, such as additional questions. You can use the Zap "Formatter" in the "Utilities" type and choose "pick from list" to choose the question to retrieve. This data can then be used freely.

Zapier Apps:

The following is a list of apps that have direct integration through Zapier. However, it is also possible to integrate with apps not listed here.

The other integrations we are most commonly asked about are as follows. We integrate with all these platforms (and more) through Zapier.

  • Quickbooks
  • Salesforce
  • Google Sheet
  • Donor Perfect
  • Access
  • SQL
  • Airtable


Non-profits or charities receive a preferential price on Zapier. See their pricing page to determine which plan is right for you.