Checking-in guests the day of your event: scan their e-ticket or check them in manually using the check-in manager

Check-in your guests by scanning the QR code on their e-ticket or by using our new check-in manager.

There are two ways to check-in your guests for your event. You can either: 

1. Check-in guests manually using the check-in manager

2. Check-in guests by scanning their ticket QR code

Some important things to note:

  • Whether a ticket is checked-in manually or via QR code, the ticket status will be updated to "checked in" in your attendance report.
  • They will also be counted as a guest that "attended" in your attendance report. 
  • If a guest accidentally scanner their e-ticket early or was mistakenly checked-in, you can always reset their status.
  • After your event, you will be able to download a full attendance report that outlines how many guests were checked in and how many didn't attend

1️⃣ Checking-in guests manually

Use the Zeffy checkin manager to check in attendees at your event.

  • Login to your Zeffy account and click on "payments" in the left hand menu.
  • At the top of the page, click on "filter" and select the event for which you would like to access the checkin manager.

If your event is a date with multiple occurrences, make sure to also add a filter for a specific event occurence.  The checkin manager will only show once a specific date has been filtered for. 

  • Below the fundraising total, switch into the "guest list view" and then click on "manage check-ins."

Open Check-in Manager

  • If you click on "open check-in manager," you will be taken straight to the check-in manager and will be able to start checking-in your guests.
  • In your check-in manager, you will see an overview of how many checkins have been completed at the top.
  • Click on the circle to the left of a specific transaction to check-in the guest in question.

  • If somebody bought multiple tickets in one transaction and you only want to check-in some of them, click on the drop-down to the right of the purchase and then check-in the tickets of your choice.

  • If you uncheck a checked box, the guest's check-in will be undone and they will count as not-attended in our systemShare Check-in Manager
  • If you click on "share check-in manager," you will be able to copy and paste the link to your check-in manager with the rest of your team. 
  • The day of your event, each team member of volunteer will be able to open this link to check in guests on their device. 

There is no limit to how many volunteers or team-members can use the check-in manager at the same time but we recommend they make frequent use of the "refresh" function to make sure their page is up to date.

Users can access the check-in manager without being members or users on your account.

2️⃣ Checking in guests via their QR code

Guests can also be checked-in through the QR code on the e-ticket they receive via email.

Scanning tickets

  • To scan the QR codes on e-tickets, you can use any smartphone camera or QR-code scanning app (there is no special app or device that you need to scan our QR codes)

  • Open your camera or scanner and hold it over the QR code.

  • Click on the Zeffy link that the QR code redirects to.

  • ✅ If the ticket is valid, the page you are redirected to will show as follows. You will also be able to see additional details of the ticket purchase.

  • ❌ If the ticket is invalid, the page you are redirected to will show the date on which the scan was previously scanned.