Attendance reports: download a report after your event to check whose tickets were checked-in or who attended.

Access your attendance report to see who attended, who cancelled and how did not attend / was not checked-in.

The Attendance report provides insight on your event attendance. You will be able to view this report as your event check-ins are ongoing or after your event for a full report.

Accessing the attendance overview

  • Login to your Zeffy account and click on "payments" in the left hand menu.
  • At the top of the page, click on "filter" and select the event for which you would like to access the checkin manager.

If your event is a date with multiple occurrences, make sure to also add a filter for a specific event occurence to see the attendance for that occurence

  • Once you have filtered for an event and occurence, your guest list view will display a graph at the top of the page. The graph will give you an overview of your attendance.

Downloading the attendance overview

  • To download a report of your attendance, switch  into the "guest list" table

  • Click on the checkbox in the top left to select all your tickets.
  • Then, click on "export" in the top right.

  • The exported sheet will contain one line for each ticket. The status column to the far right will indicate if that specific status is an active (valid), checked-in or cancelled ticket.