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Campaign target: Add a thermometer to your donation form to share your progress

The campaign target (thermometer) must be added when you first create your donation form. It cannot be added or removed retroactively on a donation form.

Adding a thermometer to your donation campaign will automatically add a public donor list as well. Your donors will have the option to remain anonymous on this list. It is not possible to have a thermometer without a public donor list too. 

To have a donation campaign with a progress bar and a leaderboard, you must indicate your campaign target when you first create the donation form. It is not possible to add a campaign target to a form after it has been created.

Similarly, it is not possible to remove the thermometer and public donor list. 

How to add your campaign target to your donation form 

💡 It is possible to add targets to event and raffle forms. Continue reading to learn how

Steps to follow: 

1. Go to "Forms" and click "Create new form" 

2. Click donation form and "start this form" 

3. On the "General information" page, check the option to "Add a campaign target": 

You can edit your campaign target at any time. To edit your form, go to "Forms" > hover over the form > click the "Edit" button that appears in grey on the right hand side. Make your changes and hit "Save." 

What to do if you have created your form and you now want to add or remove the target? 

If you've already created your form, the target/thermometer cannot be added or removed.

You can create a new form following the instructions above. You can then transfer payments you have already received onto your new donation campaign form.

Here is how to move donations: How do I move a donation?

Once you have moved your donations, you can archive the old form to make sure no new payments are received on it. Learn how to archive your form.

Add a sales target to an event or raffle form 

You can add a thermometer to share your fundraising target with your supporters on your event or raffle form. It is great to add to raffle forms when hosting a 50/50 so participants know how much they stand the chance to win! 

On event and raffle forms, adding and removing a sales target can be done at any time. Also, there is no public list of buyers that appears on these forms. 

To add the campaign target: 

1. Go to "Forms" 

2. If the form exists: hover over the form you want to add a target to and click the grey "Edit" button that appears on the right hand side. 

If the form does not exist: Select the form type you want to create and hit "Start this form"

3. In the "Advanced settings" section, check off the option to add a sales target and enter the amount you want to raise: 

If you have an event with multiple occurrences, the target will be set "per date." Depending on which date the buyer chooses to purchase tickets for, they will see the total sales raised for that day.