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What is the contribution made towards Zeffy? Why was I charged extra?

By giving to Zeffy you support our 100% free fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations.

Unlike other platforms that charge service and transaction fees to nonprofits, and which are paid in part by your donations, Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) allows 100% of your donation to go towards the organization you support. We offer our technology services to nonprofits 100% free of charge so that your donations are used solely to support their mission.

In return, we ask donors to make a voluntary contribution to us. This is our only source of revenue, allowing us to continue to develop our platform and to help cover the credit card fees we pay instead of the organization. Thanks to voluntary contributions from donors like you, Zeffy can be completely free for nonprofits. 

On any other platform, donors also pay significant fees on their donations – on a 100$ donation, depending on the platform used, a certain percentage will go towards paying those transaction and platform fees. As a result, the organization ends up with less than 100$ in their account. 

With Zeffy, we want to ensure that organizations receive 100% of the donations that were intended for them and that donors have transparency over what part of their payment is a donation.