Understanding when and how auction winners are charged for their bids

How payments of auction item winners are processed once the auction closes

Placing Bids

Users don't need to sign up or sign in to place a bid. They simply provide their contact and payment information. If they win, the payment method entered during the bid is the one that will automatically be charged.

Bids can be placed on multiple items, and all bids are tracked and displayed on your dashboard.

Auction Conclusion

Your auction will conclude on the close date you set in your form settings. The close date for your auction will also be displayed publically on your form. 

Once this date and time passes, your auction will close and will no longer accept any bids.  The bidding box will be greyed out.

Payment processing of winning bids

On the auction close date and time, winning bids will automatically be processed for payment. The highest bidder for each auction item will be charged the amount of their winning bid using the payment method they provided when placing their bid.

You won't need to follow up with bidders as the charges are processed automatically for those who win.

Winning bids will now be visible as transactions in the "payments" section of your Zeffy account.

Each winning bidder will receive an automatic confirmation of their win along with a receipt via email. These emails can be customized beforehand.

Notifications for non-winning bidders

Bidders who did not win any items receive a personalized email thanking them for their participation. This email is also an opportunity to re-engage your supporters and invite them to donate to your organization.