How to talk to your donors about Zeffy

Zeffy is the only 100% free platform out there, which makes our model different. Below are some resources to help you talk to your donors about Zeffy.

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What is the voluntary contribution model? 

Be proud to tell your supporters that you choose to fundraise with Zeffy so that 100% of their donation can go to your mission, not towards paying fees. Not only that, but their contribution to our platform also helps the thousands of nonprofits in North America to raise more and make high quality technology accessible to all. 

Nonprofits collectively paid 3 billion dollars in transaction fees last year. That doesn't even include how much they spent on fundraising technology. Zeffy is committed to ending that.

Zeffy is entirely funded by optional contributions to provide nonprofits with powerful fundraising technology at 0 cost and cover all their transaction fees. 

The suggested contribution amount can always be changed by the supporter. We understand it isn't everyone who can contribute, hence the voluntary nature of our contribution model. When those who can contribute do contribute, it allows us to pursue our mission to free nonprofits from fees and ensure that 100% of the funds raised go towards making a difference in their communities. 

Below are some tips and resources to help you address any questions you might receive from your supporters about Zeffy.

Share our explainer video 


Add information directly on your form

While we explain our model in two different places on our forms, if you feel perhaps your donors need more information, you can add the suggested text. 

In your form description

Here is the suggested wording for a form description:

Zeffy's 100% free platform for nonprofits allows us to fundraise at no cost. They are entirely funded by voluntary contributions and an amount will be suggested to you before you complete your payment. You can always change the amount to one of your choice by  selecting "Other" in the dropdown menu.

As a checkbox custom question

If you'd like to include a required checkbox question for your donors to acknowledge on your form, you can include something like the following:

I recognize that Zeffy is 100% free for nonprofits and the suggested contribution amount at the end of my payment is entirely voluntary. 

Share about us on your social media 

social media post

We've designed and pre-written this social media post for you to share how you are making the most of each dollar raised with Zeffy.

Follow this link to access the template and share it with your supporters! 




Visit our website 

Our 100% free webpage has an animation illustrating how to navigate the contribution section. We also have a brief explanation about our voluntary contribution model for donors. 

Additional resources are found on our blog 

Our blog contains lots of information about our model and why Zeffy chooses to provide 100% free fundraising. Here are some helpful articles that can be shared with donors:

How does Zeffy make money?

Nonprofits paid $2 billion in transaction fees last year