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How to edit a form

You can make changes to your form at any time by quickly editing it

To edit a form: 

1. Go to the "Forms" tab

2. Hover over the form name you wish to change and the edit button will appear to the far right. Click "Edit"

3. Make your changes and make sure you click "Save" before exiting. 

editor screenshot

Editing your form will not change the form links

Special notes about certain types of form edits

1. Adding or removing a campaign target to your donation form

Once a donation form has been created, the campaign target (thermometer and donor list) cannot be added or removed. If you've only just started taking donations, you can always create a new form and transfer payments onto your new donation campaign form. Here is how to move donations: How do I move a donation?

2. If you edit your event address 

When your form is saved for the first time, the original event address is recorded in your reminder email. If you change the address, go to the reminder email in your "Advanced settings" and update the change there as well. If you add the address after creating the form, go to the reminder email in the advanced settings and add that information there. 

3. Editing multiple choice question answers in your dropdown list 

If you have begun collecting answers to a multiple choice question on your form, do not change the order of the answers. If you need to change the order or add/remove options from the dropdown list, delete the question and add it again. If you change the answer order on the question, answers that have already been submitted will be changed on the buyer's order in Zeffy. 

If you already made this edit, don't worry, it can be fixed! Refer back to the purchase notification emails you receive, the original answers to custom questions can be seen on the email. Go to the supporter's answer that was changed, and you can edit their answer in the drop down list. 

4. Editing a form banner that is not updating on Facebook

This would be due to Facebook who updates banner images for such links only once a month. Each time you update your form's banner, you can use this link to update the image in the Facebook link and follow these steps :

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

  2. Paste your form's URL in the field and click "Debug"

  3. Click "Scrape again" so that Facebook collects the new image and updates the link