Zeffy really is free: No fees. No catch.

Zeffy is completely free and we even cover all transaction fees. That means 100% of your donations go directly to your mission.

Zeffy is the only fundraising platform for nonprofits that is 100% free. With Zeffy, you receive every dollar your donors pledge.

How can it be free?


We offer our technology services to nonprofits 100% free of charge so that donations are used solely to support your mission. In return, we give donors the option to make a voluntary contribution to us.
At the payment confirmation step, donors have the option (but are never obliged) to contribute to Zeffy. This is our only source of revenue and allows us to cover all of the fees for the 5,000+ nonprofits that fundraise with Zeffy.
Regardless of whether donors add a voluntary contribution, 100% of the money fundraised on Zeffy will go into your bank account.

Thanks to the generosity of each donor that contributes a small amount here and there, we manage to offer and develop our services to now more than 10,000 organizations at no cost.