Accept newsletter signups and subscriptions

Use this workaround to create a form that allows your supporters to sign up to your newsletter.

See Newsletter signup forms examples : 

How do I create a Newsletter signup form in Zeffy? 

  1. Login to your Zeffy account and head to the "Forms" tab. 
  2. Click "New form" and select the "Other Sales" form type. 
  3. Customize your form by adding a title and description. Your description should include your newsletter's typical frequency and a description of the content. The title can be "Subscribe to our newsletter!" or something fun such as "Stay in the loop!". You do not need to add a date or location.
  4. Move on to the "Tickets" section of the form editor. Under "Name of ticket", type "Newsletter signup". You may or may not add a ticket description, which will appear right under the name of ticket. 
  5. Set the price to $0. 
  6. If you wish to give your subscribers an opportunity to make a donation at the same time, check the box that says "Give the option to participants to add a donation for your organization". 
  7. Add "Questions for the buyer" if you wish to collect more information about your subscribers. If you need a specific consent wording for the subscription, you may add a "checkbox" type question and make it required. 
  8. Move on to the "Customization" section to add your logo, banner image and customize your form's main colour. Under the "Configure your thank you message" section, customize the content of the confirmation email that will be sent to your subscribers right after they submit their subscription. 
  9. On that same page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and make sure you disable the E-ticket functionality. 
  10. Click the "Create" button at the top right! 

How do I send newsletters to my subscribers from Zeffy? 

  1. Login to your Zeffy account and go to the "Contacts" > "Contacts" tab. 
  2. Click the "+Filter" button and choose "Completed form".
  3. If you have a specific form for newsletter signups in Zeffy, select that form. You can also select other forms if you wish to send your newsletter to other donors or past event participants. 
  4. Click "New Message" an customize your email's body and subject line. You may also add images, links and links to pre-filled Zeffy forms. 
  5. To save your template and re-use it for future newsletters, click the "Template" button > "Save as template" and give your template a name. 
  6. Click "Send". 
  7. You'll be able to see who opened and clicked your emails under "Contacts" > "Emails". 

Zeffy's continuously improving! ✨
If you'd like to see an official newsletter signup form template added to Zeffy, that would replace this workaround, please upvote and comment this official feature request here! It'll help our team prioritize this idea, and you'll be notified by email of any updates.