Cancelling a membership or stopping its automatic renewal

Easily cancel the automatic renewal of your donor's membership.

If a donor signed up for a membership, here's how you can cancel it.

  • Go to "my payments" in your dashboard. 
  • You can identify memberships with automatic renewals as follows: ➡️ Their status will be listed in purple with a spinning icon, indicating that this is a renewing payment that is currently active.

  • Click on the membership for which you need to cancel automatic renewal. A window will open towards the right. You will be able to see the membership's automatic renewal date.
  • Click on "more" in the top right to see the following options.

➡️ To cancel the membership:

Click on "cancel membership." This will cancel the membership card and render it invalid. 

➡️ To cancel automatic renewal:

Click on "stop membership." This will cancel the membership's automatic renewal going forward. Their membership will remain valid but will not be renewed, it will simply expire on the specified date. 

You have successfully canceled the automatic renewal on a particular membership. Your donor is still going to be notified via email one month prior to their membership expiring, but their card will not automatically be charged.