Preset teams and participant pages and not have P2P fundraising open to the public

Here's how to proceed if your peer-to-peer campaign is not open to the public, and you know in advance who your teams and/or participants are going to be.


1. Access your peer-to-peer campaign form by clicking on your form's title, under "Forms".

2. Once on your form, click the "Fundraise" button to start creating teams and participants. Make sure you customize each page with a picture, an engaging description for each participant/team, and a personalized fundraising goal. 

Important : If you wish to communicate easily with your fundraisers, make sure you use their email address when creating their pages. If you use your own, all pages created will appear as being under the same contact, and you won't be able to bulk email them from Zeffy. 

3. Once all pages are created, go to your P2P form and click "edit." On the general information page, disable the options to create teams and participants pages under "peer-to-peer settings."

4. To avoid having the "Fundraise" button on the form, you'll need to manually modify the URL of your form before you start sharing your form. Adding a piece of wording at the end of the URL of your form will allow to remove the "Fundraise" button on the page, leaving the "Donate" button as the only call-to-action available. In other words, no one else will be able to create a new fundraiser page.

Add this to the end of your form's URL to hide the "Fundraise" button : ?noFundraise=True

4. Always make sure you share your new form URL to start receiving donations. If you share the form without the ?noFundraise=True, the button will appear on your form.