How can I integrate Zeffy with Google Analytics?

Easily integrate Zeffy with google analytics to track unique page views and visits

What Information will I be able to track?

Integrating Zeffy forms with Google Analytics allows you to track the number of unique visits to your Zeffy form, as well as the sources of said visits to your form.

💡 Google Analytics on a specific Zeffy form will also work if you have embedded the Zeffy form on an external website. 

⚠️ Please note that due to the provisions of the new law 25, google analytics integration is only available to US-based Zeffy accounts.

How can I set up Google Analytics for my form?

To enable Google Analytics integration for your Zeffy forms, please fill out the form below and provide the following information.

  1. Your Zeffy account email address
  2. Your GA4 ID or your Univeral Analytics ID
  3. The URL of the Zeffy form for which you would like the integration to be set up

⚠️ Processing Times

Please note: It may take 2-3 business days for Google Analytics data to be set up on our end. If you are planning on launching a specific event or campaign and want tracking to be set up in time, we recommend reaching out multiple business days ahead of your launch.