Introducing : New Dashboard Tabs!

Some exciting changes are coming to your Zeffy dashboard in the next few weeks! The existing "Donations" and "Ticketing" tabs with new tabs: "My Payments" and "My Forms", and we're saying goodbye to the "Volunteering" tab.

The old tabs 

  • "Donations" and "Ticketing" are being replaced. Your dashboard used to be organized by form type, either “Donations” or “Ticketing” forms. Each of these tabs was then separated between “My forms” and “My donations/My sales”. User research has shown that this layout was not intuitive, making it difficult to retrieve a specific form or transaction. 
  • We're also saying goodbye to the "Volunteering" tab, in our ongoing effort to simplify your experience and offer you additional features. But fret not! You can still publish volunteering opportunities and receive volunteer registrations using an event form

Why the changes? 

Joining all forms and payments in common tabs will allow us to save time and launch new features faster. Our development efforts will be applicable to all forms and all payments, regardless of the form type, and will require less duplicate work for our product team. Concretely, what it means for you is : more features implemented faster, more filtering and sorting options, better exports, and more! 

The new layout! 😎

We’re introducing new tabs to replace the old ones: "My Payments" and "My Forms".

My Payments

The first tab, named "My Payments", will provide a consolidated view of all transactions, regardless of the form type. Since donations and sales will now be displayed under the same tab, we're adding more filtering options, so that you can generate the same reports as before, and more.

1. Use the "Filter" button to filter your payments by form name, transaction date or event date. 

2. Hover on a payment and click the "View" button to expand the transaction details and access your payment management actions (refund, resend confirmation, etc.) 

3. Use the search bar to retrieve payments under a specific name or email address. 

4. Use the "Export" button to export a list of all your payments in .xlsx 

5. Click the "Add transaction" button to add manual donations or manual purchases. 

6. Click "New message" to bulk email your contacts. 

7. Click "New form" to create a new form, regardless of the form type. 

8. Click the name of a contact to be directed to their detailed contact profile page. 

9. The "Details" column includes the information on the type of transaction. One time, monthly and yearly donations will be identified, as well as the item/ticket name if it's a purchase. 

10. The "Status" column confirms the payment status, which can be : succeeded, refunded, partially refunded, disputed, monthly (for active monthly donations), cancelled (for cancelled monthly donations) and tickets cancelled (for cancelled event tickets). 

11. The "Payment" column displays the payment method. 

12. The "Form" column indicates the form name. Click on the form name to access the form. 

My Forms 

The second tab, “Forms” will be dedicated to forms, allowing you to create, edit, and manage your forms more efficiently. Your forms will no longer be separated by form types. 

1. Click the "Active" button to navigate between your active and archived forms. 

2. Hover on a form name and click the "Edit" button to make changes to access the form editor, to make changes to your form's layout and settings. 

3. Click "Open" to open your form and see the donor side of it. 

4. The "Type" column confirms the form type (raffle, event, donation campaign, peer-to-peer campaign, membership, etc.) 

5. The "Raised" column will display the funds collected on this specific form. For donation campaigns, peer-to-peer campaigns and event forms with a fundraising target, the column will also display the target amount. 

6. Click the "Add transaction" button to add manual donations or manual purchases. 

7. Click "New form" to create a new form, regardless of the form type. 

8. Click the tree little dots "..." to access form actions : archive form, delete form, clone form, close sales (for event, raffle, membership and e-commerce forms only), download fundraisers list (for peer-to-peer forms only). 

9. The "Details" column for donation forms and campaigns will display how many donors donated through this form. 

10. The "Details" column for event, raffle, membership forms and e-commerce forms will display the total items/tickets purchased through this form, as well as the sales for each item/ticket. 

11. The "Details" column for peer-to-peer campaigns will display the amount of donors who donated on the form, the amount of teams and participants to the campaign. 

Goodbye Volunteering tab... Hello new volunteering features! 

The "Volunteering" tab will no longer be accessible in your dashboard, but you can still publish volunteering opportunities and receive volunteer registrations using an Event form instead. This form type allows for more customization, and highly requested features : export volunteers, delete volunteer entries, manually add volunteers, customize the confirmation email, bulk email registrants, and more! Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your next volunteering form

Tell us what you think! 

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If you have any questions, our support team is always there to help. Feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right of this page.